Sunday, May 15, 2011

So there are these people...

We shall call them elephants. Purple Elephants, if we're being specific. There's a lot of them. Like, more than 20. They come and go.
The group was started by Matt on Nanowrimo. He had (has) girl trouble. With Catherine. Who is beautiful.
Matt doesn't like the word cute, which is really what started the Purple Elephants. But sometimes he'll say something and it's hard to find a way to describe him that isn't the word cute.
We'll say adorable. Matt's adorable.
And then there are other Elephants. Like Cassie and Lady and Blue and Raven and hunger and kitty and cobra and Arazia and Pixie and Lectin and Daphne and Grace and WWWW and Hogan and Tassel and GoblinKatie and Katie and Lauriloth (my ice cream eating ghost buddy) and Stasi and Rae and Ani and JL and broadway and Eva and GG (who has a name Idk but wanna) and Swift and Rie and probably more that I can't remember which is really bad but like I said there are A LOT of us.
Those aren't everyone's real names (mostly) cause we haven't met all of each other in real life. But we all love each other anyway.
For realz, these are the best friends a girl could ask for.
And I love them.

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