About Me

15 random facts about Elle Higgins.

1. I'm short.

2. I'm rather intelligent for a blonde.

3. I like purple.

4. I'm not antisocial. I just hate you.

5. Music = Life

6. I love Dakota, my German Shepard.

7. Simple Plan is my favorite band ever!!!

8. My full name is Eleanor. Blergh.

9. Listening to sad music when I'm sad doesn't make me feel better like for most people. It makes me feel worse. But I like it.

10. Ramen? Hell yes!

11. I rrreeeaaallllyyyyyy hate my job. But I need money, and I love my customers.

12. iCarly is my one true love when it comes to tv. Bones what?

13. I write fanfiction. Surprisingly well actually.

14. Lady Gaga is my idol.

15. I'm really tired, and not in the sleep way. I stay strong for my friends.
I don't need anyone but them.