Friday, September 23, 2011

I am Unwritten

Can't read my mind, I'm undefined.

We are all individual. No two people are alike.
School is like a snowstorm. A big mess of a situation that, when viewed from afar, are pointless clumps of matter, or bodies as you may prefer to say.
But when you put aside the cold-front and look closer, you see that every snowflake, like every person. is beautiful.
What they do with that beauty is up to them.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Baby seasons change but people don't

and I'll always be waiting in the backroom.

I have so many expectations for my life. It's killing me. I go into situations daydreaming about how things might turn out.
Never once has a daydream be accuate.
I was so excited for my junior prom. I thought that for once I would actually feel beautiful. I hoped my crush (I can't even remember who) or any guy would come over, tell me I look amazing, and ask me to dance.
It's laugh worthy now.
I enjoyed being with my girls. Dancing was fun. But some people got too close and others not close enough.
At one point I was terrified of a friend.
Sometimes I wish I hadn't gone. I was grounded, but my parents made an exception for prom. It's supposed to be the best night of your life.
There's always next year, I suppose.
I'm so looking forward to college. To get far away from people who've hurt me, away from feeling like a failure when I'm in the same room as my parents.
I'm trying so hard really.
Know one gets that.
I was told I look like Yale, but I feel like a community college.
It's like, why set a bar too high?
Why try so hard for something you're not going to get anyway?
Why bother living with nothing to live for.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Bad news

Blogger doesn't like my videos. They won't load and I don't know why.
I might be moving my blog. To wordpress. If I find out that it will take my videos?
And I will carry you all with me in a bucket!
I love you all.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Something new is coming!!!!

I'm going to start posting videos!!!! One's of me and my friends just goofing off and all that jazz. I'm excited. I think you guys will like them. I have at least three ready that I will (hopefully) post later today. Otherwise they'll go up tomorrow.
Tis exciting.