Saturday, January 29, 2011

Work Hard, Play Harder

Friday math class is always very...interesting to say the least. It's always a double period, and we (my class) have a tendancy to learn something the first period and do absolutely nothing the second.
Even my teacher knows how to appreciate Friday.
Of course, not having any work to do often leads to boredom. And boredom often leads to disaster.
We goof off and occasionally get a little loud. One of my friends usually gets yelled at, though rarely is he the one who screwed up.
Although, I suppose it did look a little weird, me with my foot up on a desk and him writing on the bottom of my shoe. I can't really blame the teacher for getting mad.
It was probably then I decided that my beat up but much loved Converse weren't exciting enough. So he and another friend each claimed a foot for their own and decorated the shoes.
I think they look pretty cool.

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